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Episode 002 – Nyla Fritz

In the second episode of The Fortytellers, I talk with Nyla Fritz, whom I first met in college. Nyla is now the principal of a middle school near Seattle. As a teacher, I know the kind of special person who thrives in a middle school, whether a teacher or a principal, and I know the unique needs and character and joy that middle school kids bring.

Much of Nyla’s teaching career – in fact, much of her life – was irreversibly impacted by the death of her younger brother, who lost his life in a school shooting 20 years ago at the age of 14. A student brought a gun to class and started firing. The teacher also died. Another teacher, next door, physically stopped the shooter. He is a hero, to Nyla and to all of the community, and yet he, also, is forever affected by this trauma.

The school shooting created in Nyla a passion for issues related to gun violence in schools and she has plenty to say about it. Nyla believes that gun-related issues go beyond the easy-answer political solutions that are flying across the airwaves and through the halls of politics. Even with her well-formed views on the subject, she is open to having the conversation with anyone. In fact, she urges that we all have that conversation.

Listen as we talk about how Nyla reflects on entering her 40’s, how her current perspective informs her new, healthy view of her personal relationships and how, for the first time in 20 years, she is hopeful.

Show Notes & Links

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