Episode 001 – Allison Kripp

Photo by Jim 'Woody' Woods Photography

In this episode we chat with Allison Kripp, owner of The Den Salon and the current Mrs. Long Beach 2016. Allison and I go back many year to when I first lived on my own in the Camden Harbor View Apartments in downtown Long Beach. We affectionately called it “Camden University” because it felt like a college dorm, despite that most of its residents were working adults in the “real world”. I was newly on my own and wanting to connect with people.

In this interview, Allison and I remember our fun days in Camden, talk about some great friends we met and reflect on what it means to turn forty. Allison entered into her forties with a full plate of activities and community involvement and she hasn’t stopped since. In our wide-ranging and touching interview, we talk about not only Allison’s life with her work and family, but also about a recent loss she experienced in her family, the kind that we never fully recover from but still allow us to grow in ways we didn’t expect.

“I think I got my heart and soul into learning a lot more about what our community is doing with homelessness and mental health and so many different facets of what’s going on for outreach.”


Show Notes & Links

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Long Beach Pocket Guide

DLBA Homeless Outreach

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Friends of Lincoln Park

You can also watch Allison on an episode of 2 Hot Dishes

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