Yes, I turned 40. There, I said it. Getting to 40 is like nothing I have ever experienced. And others I talked to say the same thing. Being 40 means that all of our stories are tiny stories, and every tiny story is like a single atom. All the atoms in the world are a really big deal, and so are the stories that we are going to hear.

Our stories are our legacy and they are anything but tiny. They are powerful, and connecting, and healing to tell. We all have a story to tell and I want to help you tell yours.

Join me in this journey of discovery as we talk to men and women from all walks of life telling their extraordinary stories. There is nothing ordinary about living in your forties.


Recent Episode

Episode 005 – Chesty Kemper

“Hitting rock bottom” was a memorable line from my guest in this episode of The Fortytellers. He apologetically called that line “a cliché”, which is certainly is not! After battling years of depression, loneliness, debt, and an addiction to gambling, Chesty Kemper spent a long period of time where every day he talked himself out of suicide. He finally made it through one fateful day where he could have ended his life and instead decided to live. Now what? Chesty began a long period of self-reflection. “Rewiring his brain”, he calls it. The fifth episode of The Fortytellers is a meditation on life, imperfection, expectations, self-awareness and renewal all at once. Chesty’s story is not much different from that of … Read more